A Woman from Java



*Filmmaker in Attendance


The year is 1927. Nyai is welcoming the many visitors to her abode during her aged and sickly Dutch husband’s birthday. Stern and collected, the young Nyai deals with everyone that comes her way - from untrustworthy accountants to political activists, musicians and religious leaders. As the events of the day unfold, Nyai’s own tragic past and story is revealed, and her struggles to reaffirm her own identity is brought to light.

Shot in one-take, director Garin Nugroho’s latest blends theatre and dance within the setting of a traditional Indonesian house. Here, Nyai’s life cycle is revealed as she enters and exits through doors, resembling that of the stage. Rich in cultural and historical context, A Woman From Java is a poetic portrayal of a woman’s efforts in maintaining her dignity, even when deserted by her own country.


  • web-52-awomanfromjava-director Garin Nugroho made his directorial debut with Love in a Slice of Bread (1991), which garnered six Citra Award nominations at the Indonesian Film Festival. His filmography includes Letter to an Angel (1994), the FIPRESCI-winner ...And The Moon Dances (1995) and Leaf on a Pillow (1998), which was screened in the Un Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival.
  • Garin Nugroho, Gita Fara, Andhy Pulung, Retno Ratih Damayanti
  • Garin Nugroho
  • Annisa Hertami, Rudi Corens, Gunawan Maryanto
  • Treewater Production / Gita Fara - gitafarapraditya@gmail.com

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