A Yellow Bird


*Filmmaker and Cast in Attendance


After serving eight years in jail, Siva (in a breakthrough role by veteran TV actor Sivakumar Palakrishnan) is released back into a world outside bars. He has to grapple with his minority status and the fractures he created within his family. With a mother (legendary actress Seema Biswa) who rejected him, and a society that offers no respite, Siva roams the streets as a vagabond. He befriends Chen Chen (Huang Lu), a Chinese prostitute who connects with him through their shared desperation. When Siva discovers a terrible truth, he plunges into a liminal zone between death and redemption.

A Yellow Bird is a film with precise cinematography that becomes a vessel for Siva’s alienation, a subtle soundtrack of resounded effect and director K. Rajagopal’s own focused psychological interrogation into his own place in Singaporean society.


  • web-ayellowbird-director K Rajagopal worked in theatre and is a veteran of Singapore’s film community where he directs both TV productions and personal projects.  His shorts include I Can’t Sleep Tonight (1995), The Glare (1996) and Absence (1997) - consecutive winners of the SGIFF’s Special Jury Prize. He also directed Brother (1999), The New World (2008) and segments in the omnibus features Lucky 7 (2008) and 7 Letters (2015). A Yellow Bird is his debut feature.
  • Fran Borgia, Claire Lajoumard, Jeremy Chua
  • K Rajagopal, Jeremy Chua
  • Sivakumar Palakrishnan, Huang Lu, Seema Biswas
  • Alpha Violet (Keiko Funato) - keiko@alphaviolet.com

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