Dedicated to the heritage of film, the Classics section showcases both canonical masterpieces and often overlooked gems of Asian and world cinema. This year, the Festival brings four priceless classics back from the 1930s to 1960s: the long-lost film by veteran stage director Thavi Na Bangchang “Marut”, Santi-Vina (1954), considered to be the Holy Grail of Thai cinema; one of the earliest restored Burmese films and debut feature of one of the fathers of Myanmar cinema, The Emerald Jungle (1934) by Maung Tin Maung; a new restoration of Tomu Uchida’s post-war film, A Fugitive From The Past aka Straits of Hunger (1965), voted the sixth greatest Japanese film ever made; and the International Premiere of the 1956 Indonesian blockbuster comedy, Usmar Ismail’s Tiga Dara (Three Maidens), which inspired the 2016 girl power musical film, Three Sassy Sisters by Nia Dinata.

  • web-62-theemeraldjungle-still1

    The Emerald Jungle

    / National Gallery of Singapore

    Two ill-fated lovers must overcome the odds to be together amid crime and rebellion set in the jungles of Myanmar.

  • web-63-afugitivefromthepast-still2

    A Fugitive From The Past aka Straits of Hunger

    / National Museum of Singapore

    Voted the sixth greatest Japanese film ever made, Tomu Uchida’s emblematic suspense thriller is a study on the intense revelations of the human psyche.

  • web-61-santiveena-still2


    / National Museum of Singapore
    With introduction

    A tale of ascetic redemption from the perils of worldly love – long thought to be lost and now gloriously restored.

  • web-64-threemaidens-still1

    Tiga Dara

    / National Museum of Singapore
    With Introduction

    An inter-generational comedy from a trailblazer in Indonesia’s cinematic history that dispels the stereotypes of the opposite sexes in love.