Latin America is a melting pot of diverse, competing and merging histories and identities that are constantly being negotiated and articulated. This focus explores the landscape of Latin America through its mythologies, trodden by a community of young and emerging filmmakers from countries such as Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Dominican Republic. It includes a dialogue session with director Miguel Hilari (Bolivia) and co-curator Juan Daniel F Molero (Peru) who will be showing a preview of his new work, i_mutating. Including fiction, documentary, experimental, essay films and the hybrid forms in-between and beyond – these films delve into personal, collective and arcane histories, spirituality, and ways of living. Through new strategies that expand the boundaries of cinema, these filmic practices challenge the stagnancy of old myths by actively partaking in the art of mythmaking in its push towards exploring the syncretic tendencies of Latin America.

Co-curated with Juan Daniel F Molero
Co-presented with The Arts House.

  • web-102-thecorralandthewind-still3

    The Corral and the Wind

    / The Arts House*
    *Filmmaker in Attendance
    Total duration with accompanying shorts is 87 minutes.

    A filmmaker negotiates his roots in an Andean village in an ethnographic documentary turned personal diary.

  • web-101-darkskull-still2

    Dark Skull

    / The Arts House
    Total duration with accompanying short is 104 minutes.

    Within the entrapping gloom of a mining town, a boy finds out the secret of his father’s death.

  • web-105-hermiahelena-still3

    Hermia & Helena

    / The Arts House

    Shakespearean motifs tug at an Argentinian theatre practitioner’s string of encounters in New York City.

  • web-107-imutating-still1


    / The Arts House*
    *Filmmaker in Attendance
    Total duration with accompanying shorts is approximately 71 minutes.

    A hauntological dirge into an individual’s memories, assembled with the logic of cyberspace.

  • web-108-lucifer-still1


    / The Arts House

    On his way to hell, Lucifer makes a brief stop in a rural Mexican village.

  • web-103-themonumenthunter-still3

    The Monument Hunter

    / The Arts House

    A statue with a missing plague starts a filmmaker on an investigative journey through a web of memories and speculations.

  • web-104-santateresa-still3

    Santa Teresa & Other Stories

    / The Arts House
    Total duration with accompanying short is 90 minutes.

    A new form of hybrid cinema that utilises Roberto Bolaño’s novel 2666 as a jumping board for a meandering meditation on violence.

  • web-106-thespacebetweenthings-still1

    The Space Between Things

    / The Arts House

    The assembling of a jigsaw puzzle of occurrences leads a detective to a plateau of renewed consciousness.