Fruit Chan is a vital figure in Asian Cinema. Since the 90s, he has been ceaselessly pushing the boundaries and quality of the Hong Kong cinema while existing within and navigating the conditions of the country’s film industry. Following the tumultuous progression of political and cultural changes in the country, Fruit Chan’s films have been reinventing genre traditions with a ceaseless enquiry into Hong Kong identity, tracking its anxieties, heritage and its ever shifting image.

  • web-133-dumplings-still2


    / National Museum of Singapore

    A genre masterwork that blends subversive social realism with deliciously thrilling horror reinventions.

  • web-132-duriandurian-still

    Durian Durian

    / National Museum of Singapore

    A prostitute and an immigrant cross paths in this tender introspection of hope and opportunity.

  • web-131-littlecheung-still1

    Little Cheung

    / National Museum of Singapore

    A heartrending coming-of-age drama layered with nuanced political subtext that moves gently with veracity and earnestness.

  • web-134-themidnightafter-still2

    The Midnight After

    / National Museum of Singapore

    Hong Kong gets a post-apocalyptic makeover in this campy caper featuring a raucous ensemble cast.

  • web-135-mycity-still1

    My City

    / National Museum of Singapore

    Fruit Chan’s debut documentary feature is a warm and quirky insight into the life of Xi Xi, one of Hong Kong’s most beloved writers.