Films are moving experiences of life – the scope of human emotions, its pain, its tenacity and its triumphs. Through these stories on the silver screen, we discover other perspectives of the human journey: its past, the present, and its possibilities. In #TheFutureIs campaign, we bring together some of the most salient filmmakers and emerging voices of Southeast Asia.

In this series of interview videos, three pairs of filmmakers converse and share their hopes and dreams for the cinema of our region, and their genuine love for films.

Festival Opening

The Festival opens its 28th edition with the second feature from up-and-coming independent Chinese director Vivian Qu, Angels Wear White.

Qu’s sophomore effort is a bold and uncompromising drama – focusing on the unheard voices of the underprivileged minority.

In the wake of a crime, three girls find themselves entangled within a web of deceit and shadowy actions maneuvered by a male dominated bureaucracy.

15th Anniversary of I Not Stupid and
Talking Cock the Movie

To honour timeless classics and their artistry, the 28th SGIFF will celebrate the 15th anniversary of two iconic films of Singapore cinema – Jack Neo’s I Not Stupid and Colin Goh and Joyceln Yen Yen Woo’s Talking Cock the Movie – under its Singapore Panorama section.

Secret Spies Never Die!

This year, the Festival brings a Classics programme inspired by the transnational cinema network in Asia during the Cold War era. Based on the research of film historian Lee Sang Joon, Associate Professor at Nanyang Technological University, this section looks into how cold war politics, ideology and international relations have shaped Asian films and popular culture during the 60s and 70s in the genre of Cold War espionage films.


SGIFF is now recruiting volunteers for its 28th edition. We are seeking volunteers who share our love for independent films and passion in fostering a vibrant film community. As a volunteer at SGIFF, you will have the opportunity to learn what happens behind the scenes of a film festival, meet industry professionals and be among the first audiences in Singapore to watch some of the best new independent films.