Singapore International Film Festival welcomes international films to be part of its Official Selection. Its Competition Section is open to Asian feature films and Southeast Asian short films. Submissions closes 20 August 2018, 6pm (GMT+8).

If you have any enquiries please write in to [email protected]


  • Feature Film Submission

          • Feature film submission should be 60 mins and above.
          • Feature films may be from any country/countries of production
          • In Competition: Feature films must be directed by a filmmaker of Asian nationality or origin.
            A list of countries qualified under the Asian region can be found here.
      • Short Film Submission

        • Short film submission should be 30 mins and below.
        • Short film submissions must be from Southeast Asia.
        • It should be directed by a filmmaker of Southeast Asian nationality or origin.
          A list of countries qualified under the Southeast Asian region can be found here.
      • Eligibility

        • Films must not have been broadcasted on TV, made available on the Internet or screened publicly in Singapore in any way prior to the Festival.
        • Films must at least be a Singapore premiere.
        • Priority will be given to World, International and Asian premieres.
        • Films must have been completed no earlier than 1 June 2017.
      • Submission Fees

        • Regular phase submission: The Festival does not charge entry fees for film submissions made before 6 August 2018.
        • Late phase submission: The Festival will charge a submission fee of USD$25 for films submitted in the final two weeks (6 August – 20 August 2018) of submission.
      • Deadline

        • All entries must contain: a completed submission form, portfolio screeners and project information.
          Submissions should reach us no later than Monday, 20 August 2018, 6.00pm (GMT+8).
        • Any submission received after the deadline will not be accepted.
      • Submission

        • The Festival only accepts secure online film screeners. All film submissions must complete the Online Submission Form.
        • Please refer to our Film Submissions Info for Regulations & Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions.