Films In Competition

One of the most anticipated sections in the Festival promises some of the boldest, most authentic and little seen hidden gems to come out of Asian cinema today.

The films in competition are previewed by an international jury and screened to the public throughout the Festival period, which culminates in the Silver Screen Awards presentation, held on 2 December 2017 at the Grand Theatre of Marina Bay Sands. 

Southeast Asian Short Film Competition

Southeast Asian Short Film Competition: Programme 1

From being a wandering spirit, to plotting something up to no good, these films convey the subjects longing, erraticness and struggles in an unpredictable world.

Dir. Various Directors
Various Countries (2016, 2017)

Southeast Asian Short Film Competition: Programme 2

Surrounded by mystery, danger and warmth, the world of these characters are defined by how they confront the different situations in their lives.

Dir. Various Directors
Various Countries (2016, 2017)

Southeast Asian Short Film Competition: Programme 3

Bizarre, funny and emotional, these films bring viewers on an eclectic film journey filled with captivating yet individualistic stories.

Dir. Various Directors
Various Countries (2017)

Asian Feature Film Competition


Two young lovers discover the meaning of bureaucratic terror in this suspenseful and expertly crafted debut by Ali Asgari.

Dir. Ali Asgari
Iran, Qatar (2017)

Dragonfly Eyes

Found footages from surveillance cameras are cleverly reassembled to tell a story about a man looking for his lost love.

Dir. Xu Bing
China (2017)

Malila: The Farewell Flower

A gay love story in which earthly passion finds solace through dark Buddhist spiritualism.

Dir. Anucha Boonyawatana
Thailand (2017)


An impulsive teenager finds his future torn between two paths in Matan Yair’s enigmatic character-driven debut.

Dir. Matan Yair
Israel, Poland (2017)

Scary Mother

A middle-aged woman struggles to overcome the domestic life that is keeping her from publishing her first novel – to dark effect.

Dir. Ana Urushadze
Georgia, Estonia (2017)

Shuttle Life

A stellar feature debut by Malaysian filmmaker Tan Seng Kiat set on the edge of Kuala Lumpur’s urban sprawl.

Dir. Tan Seng Kiat
Malaysia (2017)

The Great Buddha+

Two working class friends discover the dark secret of their millionaire boss in this satirical comedy about class status and materialism.

Dir. Huang Hsin-Yao
Taiwan (2017)

The Seen and Unseen

A young boy lies unconscious in a rural hospital, but deep into the night he rises and experiences a dreamlike journey with his twin sister.

Dir. Kamila Andini
Indonesia, Netherlands, Australia, Qatar (2017)