Midnight Mayhem

The festival introduces a new Midnight section that brings with it peaks of manic madness and genre-bending thrills. Running the gamut from action to horror and spilling into the unclassifiable, discover the cult films of the festival circuit that might just become instant classics, with boundary-pushing revelations and that little bit of that otherworldly magic thrown in to guarantee a night of revelry in the twilight zone.

It Comes at Night

A grim new entry in the post-horror genre, where terse, atmospheric cabin-in-the-woods paranoia ratchets the tension to unbearable levels.

Dir. Trey Edward Shults
USA (2017)


A police convoy finds itself trapped in a prison running amok with rioters freaking out to the tune of total chaos.

Dir. Jimmy Henderson
Cambodia (2017)


Violence and melodrama collide with corporate satire in Joe Lynch’s horrific representation
of human desire and self-preservation.

Dir. Joe Lynch
USA (2017)

Salvage: Malay Wild

An ode to the pleasures of ambiguity that pushes found footage horror to its representational limits – and beyond.

Dir. Sherad Anthony Sanchez
Philippines (2017)