Festival Opening & Special Presentation

The Festival opens its 28th edition with the second feature from independent Chinese director Vivian Qu, Angels Wear White. Qu’s sophomore effort is a bold and uncompromising drama – focusing on the unheard voices of the underprivileged minority.

Across the 11-day Festival, the Special Presentation section brings a gala showcase of some of the most anticipated films from today’s leading and upcoming directors: Indian director Anup Singh’s The Song of Scorpions, headlined by esteemed Indian actor Irrfan Khan; an exciting co-directed feature, The White Girl, from newcomer Jenny Suen and renowned cinematographer Christopher Doyle; and New York University Tisch Asia alumni, Atusko Hiranayagi’s touching debut comedy, Oh Lucy!, about cultural clashes, starring Josh Hartnett.

Angels Wear White

In the wake of a crime, three girls find themselves entangled within a web of deceit and shadowy actions maneuvered by a male dominated bureaucracy.

Dir. Vivian Qu
China (2017)

Oh Lucy!

A lonely Japanese woman finds solace in her English teacher in this bittersweet and quirky road movie about cultural differences.

Dir. Atsuko Hirayanagi
Japan, USA (2017)

The Song of Scorpions

A twisted tale of love between a camel trader and a mystical singer plays out amidst the breathtaking scenery in the deserts of Rajasthan.

Dir. Anup Singh
Switzerland, France, India, Singapore (2017)

The White Girl

Debut director Jenny Suen teams up with acclaimed cinematographer Christopher Doyle for this noir fable about a disappearing land and its dreamers.

Dir. Jenny Suen, Christopher Doyle (Co-Director)
Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan (2017)