Discover the latest developments in cinema and filmmaking from our industry professionals and guest curators, with our series of talks at the festival.


27 NOV, SUN / 2:00PM / 90 MIN

Accompanying the Focus section on Mutating Mythologies – Hybrid Cinema of Latin America is this in-depth dialogue session with co-curator Juan Daniel F Molero and filmmaker Miguel Hilari. With an emphasis on Peru and Bolivia, the discussion will delve into the history of leftfield experimental and documentary films in Latin America and its contemporary incarnations, exploring its cultural and political significance. The speakers will share their own stratagems as filmmakers and reflect upon the mythology of the region and its mutations through hybrid film practices – an active response towards the syncretic tendencies of the region.



Juan Daniel F Molero, born in 1987 in Lima, Peru, is a filmmaker and curator. He has curated several avant-garde film programmes. His second feature, Videophilia (2015), was shot on a shoestring budget in his hometown and won the Tiger Award at the 2015 International Film Festival Rotterdam. i_mutating is his latest film.


Miguel Hilari is born in 1985 in La Paz, Bolivia. He studied filmmaking in La Paz, Santiago and Barcelona. A member of the Bolivian film collective Socavón Cine, he has produced the film Juku (2011), co-written and co-directed the documentary From Low Down (2012) and directed his short Adelante (2014).


A series of talks aimed at promoting local content making, generating discussions as well as spotlighting talent, SG Originals is a must for those looking to expand their horizons in the art of contemporary filmmaking. Find out what our local filmmakers, scriptwriters, sound designers and other professionals are up to and how you can learn new methods to enrich your own creative projects, in addition to sharing your experiences with them, as well as nurturing and keeping up with these film, television and media contemporaries.


Co-organised with Pure Talents
27 NOV, SUN / 11:00AM / 60 MIN

Jack Neo needs no introduction when it comes to Singapore’s filmmaking history. A prolific and award-winning actor, writer and director who has enjoyed many commercial successes in local and overseas box-office, Neo is an industry veteran when it comes to television and cinema. Working with both experienced and young talents, his knack for finding the right cast to deliver his homegrown stories has been lauded and acclaimed by many. In this conversation session, we find out about his casting process, how he imparts his knowledge as an actor to the actors he works with, and how he brings out the best in his films through his writing and directing.


Jack Neo won the local audience over with his signature comedic hosting style in variety programmes during the 1990s, including the longest running local and highly rated variety show, Comedy Night. Following his success on television, Neo ventured into the film industry with Money No Enough (1998), Singapore’s second highest grossing feature film to date. He has since written, produced and directed nine other films to commercial success. Neo’s contributions to the local film industry have earned him honourable mentions including the Lifetime Achievement and Multi-Talent Awards in 1999 and 2004 respectively, the Public Service Medal Award in 2004 and the Arts Cultural Medallion Award in 2005.

This talk is co-organised by Mocha Chai Laboratories, the Official Technology Partner of SGIFF.


Co-organised with Mocha Chai Laboratories
27 NOV, SUN / 1:00PM / 60 MIN
Independent film in Singapore is making waves once again. After Anthony Chen’s Ilo Ilo, the recent successes of Boo Junfeng’s Apprentice and K Rajagopal’s A Yellow Bird, both which travelled to Cannes and garnered rave reviews, are testaments to this. Often overlooked but never unnoticed is the sound design in these films, which heightens emotions and enhances the mood of the film, through a delicate art of playing with levels and knowing what to bring forward and what to leave in the background. We talk to sound designers about the challenges faced during the different stages of post-production in sound – from thoughts during production, to the dialogue editing and sound mixing stages, the dos and don’ts, and share experiences with some talented sound and media professionals.


Lim Ting Li is a sound designer, re-recording mixer and foley artist. She has worked on several award-winning films including Boo Junfeng’s Apprentice, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival’s Un Certain Regard in May 2016. Lim has won many awards herself, such as the Best Soundtrack award at the 1st Singapore Short Film Awards (2009), the Best Sound Designer award at the Underwire Festival (2013) and the Verna Fields Award in Sound Editing at the MPSE Golden Reel Awards (2014).

Joe Ng has found a niche as one of Singapore’s foremost film and television music composer. Ng has scored all of director Kelvin Tong’s films, including Eating Air (1999), The Maid (2005) and It’s A Great Great World (2011). He has also worked on arthouse films like Gone Shopping (2007) and Sex.Violence.FamilyValues (2012), as well as action-thrillers like Battle Of The Damned (2013), and Bait (2012), which went on to become the biggest box office international film in China when it was released.


Teo Wei Yong is a media composer and sound designer. Aside from local art films, he also scored 
two National Geographic feature documentaries, which took Silver and Bronze awards at the 
New York Festival’s Film & Television Awards. He has recorded ADR and sound effects for Anthony Chen’s 
Ilo Ilo, which won the Camera D’or at the Cannes Film Festival and Best Feature Film at 
Taipei’s Golden Horse Awards. 

Recently, he composed the score for his first primetime drama television series, Verdict, on MediaCorp’s 
Channel 5.

Mocha Chai Laboratories is Singapore’s first digital film lab that offers a full range of digital cinema services for filmmakers, exhibitors, distributors and producers, locally and internationally. The lab has handled local and international projects, such as The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, A Walk Among the Tombstones, Jobs, Ah Boys to Men I & II, and is currently serving cinemas for Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and other parts of Asia.


Co-organised with NANG Magazine
27 NOV, SUN / 3:00PM / 90 MIN

The art and craft of screenwriting is one of the most little understood aspects of filmmaking. How does a writer go from an idea for a story into a fully developed screenplay that is ready for shoot? For this panel, we sit down with four experienced screenwriters, including three writer-directors, to focus on the creative process that takes place before the cameras start to roll, and explore the painstaking process of creating a film on the page. Given that most of the knowledge and literature around screenwriting originates from Hollywood, we will also be discussing screenwriting in relation to Singapore and Asia.



Ken Kwek is the writer and director of Unlucky Plaza. He is also the writer of Glen Goei’s The Blue Mansion, as well as co-writer of both Kelvin Tong’s Kidnapper and It’s a Great, Great World.


Wong Kim Hoh is the co-writer of Eric Khoo’s Be With Me and My Magic.


Boo Junfeng is the writer-director of Sandcastle and Apprentice.


Sanif Olek is the director and co-writer of Sayang Disayang.



Ben Slater is a Senior Lecturer at the Nanyang Technological University and editor of the recently launched NANG, a new magazine about cinema in Asia, which has dedicated its first issue to Screenwriting in Asia.


27 NOV, SUN / 5:30PM / 120 MIN

Virtual reality or VR has always been an area of much interest in the entertainment world, in order to create a more immersive experience for audiences, through film, video games and photography. Now, with even more creative minds putting out original content, it is no surprise that the technology is much more readily available for filmmakers and other content creators to explore a whole new horizon, expanding worlds and situations created for television and film. In this talk, we explore the technological trend that is fast gaining traction in Singapore. An introductory session for anyone looking to expand their creativity in filmmaking, the workshop will take audiences’ interaction to another level, bringing them closer to the heart of their stories.



Lionel Chok started his career in 1995 and has been actively involved creating digital content for television, cinema, the web, mobile and even theatre. In 2014, Chok discovered Augmented and Virtual Reality and decided to specialise in the medium by pursuing a postgraduate Masters in Creative Technology at Middlesex University in London. He has currently launched his very own startup specialising in 360 VR and also VR for Education


Pok Yue Weng was among the first batch of students to graduate from Singapore’s Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Film, Sound and Video course. SuperDONG, his debut animated short film, was invited to screen at the prestigious 2007 Cannes Film Festival Director’s Fortnight, as well as over 30 international film festivals. Pok was also invited to pitch his animated feature film, Tattoo War, at the IT PROJECT at Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival. The project, currently under development, was awarded the Post Production Prize for most promising project.


Independent Film: Navigating the Digital Space
26 Nov, Sat / 1:00PM / 150MIN

With so many platforms available online for independent filmmakers to present their work and challenge their creativity, filmmakers are not only spoilt for choice, but they also need to make more informed decisions before their film gets out. From online filmmaking competitions, funding initiatives, community-sourced production companies and distribution portals, this forum aims to equip and empower the independent filmmaker with the information they need to realize the potential of their films and artistic pursuits. Find out how you can retain your creative rights, monetize your works, challenge yourself even further with artistic collaborations, and extend the lifespan of your film beyond the festival circuit, with pointers and case-studies from our industry experts.



Missy Laney has guided over 250 artists through successful crowdfunding campaigns, including Sean and Andrea Fine’s Oscar-winning Innocente and Adam Nimoy’s documentary For the Love of Spock. Laney has also worked at the Sundance Institute growing their #ArtistServices Initiative, a program that focused on how technology is changing the way audiences interact with films, and at BitTorrent Inc, leading their film strategy where she launched The Discovery Fund, BitTorrent’s first ever artist granting initiative.


Anderson Le has worked diligently in the global promotion of independent and world cinema as director of programming for the Hawaii International Film Festival, now in its 36th year. Le also serves as artistic director for the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and a program consultant for the Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy. He is co-founder, with Hollywood director Justin Lin, of YOMYOMF.com, an Asian American pop culture blog and digital media company, where he has curated short films and is in development of several digital projects for various video-on-demand and over-the-top platforms.


Jared Geller serves as Executive Producer for HITRECORD, the community-sourced production company founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Since 2010, HITRECORD has produced art and media spanning across a wide range of creative formats including short films, books, live events and television. Season One of HITRECORD’s weekly variety show, HIT RECORD ON TV, won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Media. Previously, Geller produced shows and theatrical events at some of the world’s most prestigious live venues, including the Sam Mendes directed, Rufus Wainwright Sings Judy Garland, which was nominated in 2007 for a Grammy Award.


Scott Kaplan is the SVP of Global Sales and Distribution at FilmBuff, a digitally-focused independent film distributor and sales agency in New York. He oversees all aspects of both domestic and international distribution & sales for FilmBuff’s releases, while also focusing on corporate strategy and business development. Recent releases include Jared Leto’s Artifact, and Vice Media’s All This Mayhem. He also sources and negotiates deals for a library of over 1000 films including Exit Through The Gift Shop and Senna. Prior to joining FilmBuff in 2013, Kaplan negotiated multichannel acquisition deals for DISH Network after working as an agent at International Creative Management in Los Angeles.