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5 reasons you should attend NEW WAVES • A Way of Living: Filmic Iterations of Javanese Thought

1. Meet a filmmaker…



A real filmmaker. As in a genuine artist who invests both body and soul in pursuit of his chosen path.

Wregas Bhanuteja hails from Indonesia and as of last year, became the first Indonesian to receive the Leica Cine Discovery Award at Cannes Film Festival. Despite how far he has come, his start in filmmaking was modest. He participated in his school’s short film competition at the age of 15 and took on the role of an actor, but soon found out that his interest lay in directing instead. Specifically, it was from walking and talking to his fellow Javanese neighbours and friends that led to a “discovery [of] myself and what I’m going to reach in my life. And one of them is to write and tell a story.”

He is also currently starting pre-production for his upcoming feature so you could be the first to get the scoop on that. 😉


wregas listicle 1Filmmaker  Wregas Bhanuteja (centre in white) with Crew and Cast of In the Year of Monkey

2. And a writer who would rather dance?



Having watched one too many narrative driven films of the linear kind, the film programmers of New Waves intended to structure the flow of this dialogue session in advance. Our guest speaker Jeremy Fernando declined, kindly reminding us to embrace our uncertainty.

As a writer and a reader, Jeremy’s approach towards conversations elegantly opens the door, gesturing for any lingering pre-conceived notions to leave, only to keep the door ajar, lest something strange and different might enter. It is with such joyful openness to encounters and possibilities that Jeremy wants to build a dance with Wregas. As he said to us, “…for what are conversations if not turning around with another…”

3. We’re screening two short films.



If you missed Wregas’ short film In the Year of Monkey at last year’s edition of SGIFF (where it won Best Southeast Asian Short Film!) this is your chance to catch it. The film is about the experience of Jarwo, who accepts an unexpected offer from a desperate village girl, Diah, during a lunch break in a warehouse.

We will also be screening another one of his shorts entitled Lembusura, which is about the legend of the mountain demon that lives inside the violently active volcano Kelud, on the island of Java. It is the cause of the ash rain that covers everything – houses, streets, blossoms and umbrellas – in fine grey dust.

4. Nrimo ing pandum



You’ve heard of ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ but have you heard of ‘Nrimo ing Pandum?’ It is a Javanese saying that advocates for the practice of gratitude for what you have, receiving as you give and taking everything as it comes, whether it be good or bad. ‘Nrimo’ also serves to remind us that it is our difficulties that bring out our strengths, hence we are encouraged to remain patient in the face of adversity and maybe even take time to laugh at the pain.

This particular belief influences the attitude Wregas adopts as a filmmaker, as seen in how his characters play out their stories.

5. You’re invited!



You’re welcome to join us for this session to add your own thoughts and ideas to the dialogue. And have we mentioned that it’s free? All you have to do is register via Peatix. Bonus: it’s located at *SCAPE, so you can continue the illuminating discussion you will be sure to have about filmmaking and philosophy over some drinks.

A Way of Living: Filmic Iterations of Javanese Thought
Date: Wednesday, 31 May 2017
Time: 8PM – 9.30PM
Venue: *SCAPE Gallery (Level 5), 2 Orchard Link Singapore 237978
Limited seats. Register now via Peatix: http://sgiff-newwavesmay2017.peatix.com