As part of the Festival’s ongoing collaboration with its Presenting Sponsor, Marina Bay Sands, SGIFF and ArtScience Museum come together to inspire audiences beyond the main film festival. Progammed under the museum’s ArtScience on Screen events, this co-presentation series provides a platform for emerging creators to explore new spaces for the discovery of art, film and the moving image. The series was launched in October 2017 with the 10th Anniversary Screening of Gone Shopping, directed by Wee Li Lin; and continues through November and December 2017 with these events.

5 TO 9

5 NOV – 5 DEC | DAILY FREE SCREENINGS [timing tba] | ASM
5 to 9 comprises four short films that transpire between 5-9pm on the evening of the historic Brazil-Germany match at the World Cup 2014, spanning intimate vignettes of unrequited love and final meetings.
In China, a young migrant worker has saved 3,000RMB to finally spend a night with a middle-aged prostitute, but she plans to leave the city the same night instead. In Singapore, a local teacher and his paramour from China are out for a rendezvous, submitting the fate of their future to the result of the football match. The Japanese counterpart centres on a porno-projectionist collecting debts from the punks for the poor. The omnibus concludes in Thailand with the filming of the last scene of a sci-fi movie. Behind the camera, the director is suspicious of his lead actor and the actress who is also his wife.
First premiered in Singapore at the 26th SGIFF, 5 to 9 is a collaborative project by four independent directors – Vincent Du (China), Tay Bee Pin (Singapore), Daisuke Miyazaki (Japan) and Rasiguet Sookkarn (Thailand) – united by the 2014 Berlinale Talents programme. Each have remarkable track records and accolades in the international film festival circuit.


Event is free to attend
This site-specific multidisciplinary exhibition brings together a luminous three-dimensional experience: The isolation and anxiety of modern suburban life in Specters; the temporary freedoms of an unpredictable day without Google Maps in Tourists; and a live performance, All Life is Tour, by Singapore-based sound and rock duo, ARE.
Conceptualised and created by Japanese filmmaker Daisuke Miyazaki, scenes from footage of his previous films are weaved into a multiple-screen spectacle of people trapped like ghosts, or spectres, as they oscillate repeatedly between life and death, human and animal forms, and feelings of equality and seclusion. As one peers into the windows of their uninspired lives, the spectator also becomes the spectre himself.
In the accompanying installation, two friends (Nina Endo, Sumire) win a lottery ticket to travel abroad and decide on a random tourist destination through a mobile phone app. They arrive in a cosmopolitan city very much like their home country, but find themselves displaced in the short time difference and its unfamiliar monuments. When one of the friends loses her mobile phone, new encounters in unwritten places reconstruct her identity from the predictability of an Internet-found itinerary.
This inaugural exhibition of Specters and Tourists is co-organised by ArtScience Museum and Singapore International Film Festival.


Born in Yokohama, Japan in 1980, Daisuke Miyazaki is the director of Yamato (California), which screened at the 27th SGIFF. He is also one of the Berlinale Talents directors of the omnibus film, 5 to 9. His first feature film, End of the Night, was selected for numerous international film festivals and won the Special Mention Prize at the Toronto Shinsedai Cinema Festival.
ARE is an independent sound project and art rock band by Frank and Lily delving in psych-art arrangements that sway between loud guitars, colourful electronics and lyrical tales in impossible time. They have performed and recorded in Japan, Australia and Singapore.