Singapore Panorama: Programme 1

Revelations big and small (and often painful) set characters into motion in these riveting stories.


29 Nov, Thu / 7:00 PM / National Museum of Singapore
Various Countries / 2018 / 57 MIN / Various Languages / R21: Nudity
*Filmmaker in Attendance

A Dance for Ren Hang

Southeast Asian / Singapore, Macau / 2018 / 9MIN / English / R21: Nudity

Dancers reenact images by provocative Chinese photographer Ren Hang, known for capturing his struggles with depression, in this collaboration between filmmaker Lei Yuan Bin and dancer Sara Tan.



Lei Yuan Bin is a founding member of film collective 13 Little Pictures.

Sara Tan is a Singaporean modern dancer currently working in Brussels.



World Premiere / Singapore, USA / 2018 / 19MIN / ENGLISH, HOKKIEN / PG13: Some Violence

Eileen grapples with a new chapter in life when her elderly mother passes on. But one night, her mother comes back to ensure that everything remains the same.



Grace Swee is pursuing an M.F.A. in Film at Columbia University School of the Arts. She enjoys telling stories that expound on family relations, deep character studies and magical realism.

Salted Egg

Singapore Premiere / Singapore / 2018 / 15MIN / Mandarin, Hainanese / G

Filmmaker Nikki Koh goes on an investigative journey back to her mother’s homeland, Hainan, to document a soon-to-be-lost salted egg recipe. In the process, she discovers more about her intricate relationship with her mother.



Nikki Koh aspires to make films that punctuate and transcend the passage of time, capturing the truth and irony of reality.

May and June

International Premiere / Singapore, USA / 2018 / 14MIN / English / PG

May and June charts the narrative arcs of two talented female fencers, who at the tender age of 16 are just beginning to find and define themselves.



Chew Chia Shao Min is a freelance writer, director and producer. She is currently an M.F.A. candidate in writing and directing at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.