Singapore Panorama: Programme 2

Change, the passage of time, the unknown future: Scary as they may be, those things must be confronted – as these shorts show.


30 Nov, Fri / 7:00 PM / National Museum of Singapore
Various Countries / 2017, 2018 / 56 MIN / Various Languages / R21: Homosexuality Themes
*Filmmaker in Attendance

Sold Out


International Premiere / Singapore, USA / 2018 / 11MIN / English / PG13: Some Mature Content

As they drive to San Francisco, married couple Angie and Danny debate their decision to renounce their birth citizenships.



Leon Cheo is an award-winning director whose web series People Like Us won Best Short TV Drama at the 2016 Independent Television Festival (ITVFest). He is an alumnus of Berlinale Talents, Asian Film Academy and Tokyo Talent Campus.

Songs of Our Memories

Canciones De Memorias

World Premiere / Singapore, Cuba, USA / 2018 / 12MIN / Spanish, Mandarin / PG

An opera singer reminisces about the once-thriving Chinese community in Havana’s Chinatown. She dreams of conserving the area’s legacy, but the younger generation no longer bear cultural ties to it.



Carin Leong is a filmmaker based in Singapore and New York. She is an undergraduate dual-degree student at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and Stern School of Business.

2200 Volts

World Premiere / Singapore, USA / 2017 / 10MIN / English / R21: Homosexuality Themes

A woman awaits her turn in the electric chair, ironing out her memories obsessively and trying to absolve her regrets.



Tan Siyou is a Singapore-born writer and director based in Los Angeles. She is a graduate of the Film Studies program at Wesleyan University, and currently a Fellow at the American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women, class of 2019.

Let Me Kill My Mother First


World Premiere / Singapore / 2018 / 12MIN / ENGLISH, MANDARIN, HOKKIEN / NC16: Some Coarse Language

To deal with her mother’s abuse, an intrepid teenager escapes into an imaginary world—one in which she has the physical prowess to take on her parent.



Mei Ann Teo has worked on theatre and film productions. She recently directed the musical Dim Sum Warriors by Colin Goh and Yen Yen Woo.

You Idiot

World Premiere / Singapore / 2018 / 11MIN / English / PG13: Coarse Language

Roaming the streets one night, Darren and Matt write a song about what’s to come in their happy-go-lucky world.



Kris Ong is the writer and director of several short films and music videos. She has written script coverage for an international variety of scripts, short stories and novels since 2016. She co-founded boutique production company Momo Film Co. in 2018.