Cinema Today

Featuring new films by established and upcoming international filmmakers, Cinema Today looks at the fast-changing perspectives of World Cinema. Look out for discoveries from countries such as the Czech Republic, Chile and Mexico, playing alongside the year’s most exciting titles from Sundance, Cannes, Venice and Locarno.


An African slave boy is groomed by a comtesse into a court performer and object of curiosity in 18th-century Austria.

Dir. Markus Schleinzer
Austria, Luxembourg (2018)

Another Day of Life

Animation proves a rich medium for this documentary about a journalist venturing into the heart of the Angolan Civil War.

Dir. Raúl de la Fuente
Poland, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Hungary (2018)


This Swedish genre-bender crosses from social realism to fantasy thriller when a gifted customs officer meets a suspicious man.

Dir. Ali Abbasi
Sweden, Denmark (2018)


An incandescent coming-of-age tale about a ballerina-in-training struggling against the restraints of her male body.

Dir. Lukas Dhont
Belgium (2018)

Happy as Lazzaro

A village simpleton becomes embroiled in a plot beyond his comprehension when he catches the attention of a Machiavellian nobleman.

Dir. Alice Rohrwacher
Italy (2018)

I Do Not Care If We Go Down In History as Barbarians

A Romanian theatre director mounts an audacious outdoor performance that recounts a 1941 historical massacre long forgotten by her compatriots.

Dir. Radu Jude
Romania, Czech Republic, France, Bulgaria, Germany (2018)

John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection

Tennis and film theory collide in an idiosyncratic essay film about tennis great John McEnroe.

Dir. Julien Faraut
France (2018)


Olivier Assayas’s latest is a humorous social critique of digital anxieties, interpersonal relationships and the changing tides of the literary landscape.

Dir. Olivier Assayas
France (2018)

Our Time

A Mexican rancher-poet’s open marriage descends into crisis when his wife begins an affair with an American cowboy.

Dir. Carlos Reygadas
Mexico, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden (2018)

Ray & Liz

An intimate and unsettling dramatic autobiography of a British working-class family living on the fringes of society.

Dir. Richard Billingham
UK (2018)

Sorry to Bother You

Stay woke, indeed: Gonzo new director Boots Riley mashes searing socio-political critique with a dystopia not too distant from our own.

Dir. Boots Riley
USA (2018)

The Chambermaid

A quietly powerful observation of a young hotel maid who is already a mother, but not yet her own person.

Dir. Lila Avilés
Mexico (2018)