Dedicated to the heritage of lm, the Classics section showcases overlooked gems of cinema history— in particular, films by Asian auteurs. This year, the Festival brings to you canonical masterpieces from North Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and the U.S.

A Broad Bellflower

A paean to provincial self-sufficiency plays out amidst a pastoral love story in this D.P.R.K. propaganda film.

Dir. Jo Kyong-sun
North Korea (1987)

Midnight Express

The controversial true story of Billy Hayes, an American college student thrown into Turkish prison after being caught smuggling drugs.

Dir. Alan Parker
UK (1978)


The first of Yasmin Ahmad’s winsome (and controversial) films, Sepet tells a simple boy-meets-girl tale that belies Malaysian societal tension.

Dir. Yasmin Ahmad
Malaysia (2004)

The Iron Ladies

Based on a true story, this Thai comedy about a queer volleyball team succeeding against all odds is a modern sports classic.

Dir. Yongyoot Thongkongtoon
Thailand (2001)