Feature Film

The Sacred Spirit

Access to ethical judgement is held in custody as the mystery of a missing child unravels within the shroud of ufology.

Chema García IBARRA Spain, France, Turkey 97 Min PG13 (Coarse Language) Asian Premiere

Feature Film

The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be Quiet

The days of an odd-jobber feel like grand feats in this taut celebration of life in precarity. A tonic for these anxious times.

Ana KATZ Argentina 73 Min PG13 (Some Coarse Language) Singapore Premiere

Feature Film


A deformed outcast and blind musician’s friendship heralds a groundbreaking revolution in traditional Japanese noh theatre.

YUASA Masaaki Japan, China 98 Min PG13 (Some Violence) Southeast Asian Premiere

Feature Film


Asylum seekers in a Japanese detention centre who are indefinitely detained reveal their unjust treatment in secretly recorded interviews.

Thomas ASH Japan 87 Min M18 (Mature Content) Southeast Asian Premiere

Feature Film

Barbarian Invasion

After a decade-long hiatus, TAN Chui Mui returns to feature filmmaking with a refreshing genre-defying action flick that serves an allegory for motherhood and the reclamation of one’s self.

TAN Chui Mui Malaysia, Hong Kong 106 Min NC16 (Some Coarse Language and Violence) Singapore Premiere

Short Film


The visualisation of conflicting states of being.

Sarker PROTICK Bangladesh 9 Min Southeast Asian Premiere

Feature Film

El Gran Movimiento

City symphony meets social realism in this sprawling story of miners who march to the Bolivian capital demanding for work.

Kiro RUSSO Bolivia, France, Qatar, Switzerland 85 Min PG13 (Some Coarse Language and Drug References) Asian Premiere

Feature Film

Those Left Waiting

The refugee experience materialises with unprecedented immediacy in this first-ever global live documentary co-directed and filmed by refugee filmmakers.

Michael BEETS Australia 70 Min NC16 Southeast Asian Premiere

Feature Film

Whether the Weather is Fine

A numinous tale of environmental refugees seeking a new life serves a tragicomic take on humanity after a disaster.

Carlo Francisco MANATAD Philippines, France, Singapore, Indonesia, Germany, Qatar 105 Min NC16 (Coarse Language) Southeast Asian Premiere

Feature Film

Mr Bachmann and His Class

A sensitive and compelling portrait of immigrant youths adapting to life in a town with a troubled history, aided by their thoughtful and inspired teacher.

Maria SPETH Germany 217 Min NC16 Singapore Premiere

Short Film

Domain Shorts: Roots & Routes

Contemporary collectives demonstrate how indigenous filmmaking can function as a communal act of resistance. In open defiance, these collectives resist the notion of terra nullius by staking a claim to their lands.

Multiple USA, Vietnam, France, Taiwan 87 Min NC16 (Some Nudity and Coarse Language)

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