Mohamed Diab Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia 98 Min NC16 (Sexual References) Asian Premiere

Amira faces a shocking family discovery, 17 years after her Palestinian father’s sperm was smuggled out of prison walls to conceive her.

In order to start families, male Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails smuggle their sperm out. Amira’s father, Nawar, is one of them—and Amira, the result. Despite his incarceration, Amira enjoys a close and loving relationship with him through regular visitations. However, Nawar and his wife discover his infertility when trying to conceive again, and Amira is left to confront a personal existential crisis.

Timing & Venue


27 November 2021,
Saturday, 7.30pm
Filmgarde Bugis+ 3



All guests must present proof of vaccination (either via TraceTogether or HealthHub app) before entering the halls.

English Title



Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia




98 Min


NC16 (Sexual References)


Arabic, Hebrew




Mohamed Diab

Mohamed Diab is an award-winning Egyptian writer and director whose works focus on pertinent issues concerning Egyptian society. His directorial debut feature Cairo 6, 7, 8 (2010) garnered the top prize at Dubai International Film Festival. He will be the first Middle Eastern filmmaker to helm a Disney+ and Marvel Studios series with the project Moon Knight.

Cast & Crew


Saba Mubarak
Tara Abboud
Ali Suleiman
Ziad Bakri


Mohamed Diab
Khaled Diab
Sherin Diab


Mohamed Hefzy
Moez Masoud
Mona Abdel Wahab
Hany Abu Assad
Amira Diab
Sarah Goher


Pyramide International

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