Domain Shorts: Roots & Routes

Multiple USA, Vietnam, France, Taiwan 87 Min NC16 (Some Nudity and Coarse Language)

Contemporary collectives demonstrate how indigenous filmmaking can function as a communal act of resistance. In open defiance, these collectives resist the notion of terra nullius by staking a claim to their lands.

Maat Means Land

Fox MAXY USA 30 Min NC16 (Some Nudity and Coarse Language) Asian Premiere

A wild collage in which the personal collides with the political.

Fox MAXY revisits memories through a collage of found footage, personal videos and distinct soundscapes. Eschewing an either/or position of the political and personal, the film instead hints at their inseparability.

Drowning Dew

Art Labor Vietnam, France 39 Min PG Singapore Premiere

Haunting soundscapes that echo the inexorable cycle of life.

Jrai mythologies are woven into a lyrical meditation of life and death, destruction and creation, and everything in-between. 

Indigenous Peoples

Green Team Taiwan 19 Min PG13 (Some Mature Content) International Premiere

Filmmaking wielded as a hard-edged tool of resistance.

Made at the height of political censorship in Taiwan, Indigenous Peoples traces the emergence of the Return Our Lands movement in the late 1980s.

Timing & Venue


4 December 2021,
Saturday, 3.30pm
Oldham Theatre


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