Domain Shorts: Spiritual Rhythms

Multiple Vietnam, Kenya, UK, USA, Egypt 72 Min PG

Through the soundscapes of life, death and the beyond, the collectives in this programme explore the rhythmic beats of the transcendental. Like the trance of life, we are invited to join their spiritual journeys.

The Living Need Light, the Dead Need Music

The Propeller Group Vietnam 21 Min PG (Some Disturbing Scenes)

A kaleidoscopic exploration of death rituals in southern Vietnam.

Backed by an exuberant brass band, spectacular funeral rituals of southern Vietnam and otherworldly staged performances conjoin in a surreal meeting of life and death. 

We Need Prayers: This One Went to Market

Jim CHUCHU Kenya 5 Min PG Asian Premiere

A playful critique of art world farce.

A savvy young African artist packages the desires of the art world and sells it back to them—in the form of Afrofuturism. 

Collective Hum

Black Obsidian Sound System UK 7 Min G Asian Premiere

A study of polyphony through the lens of Black British sound system culture.

An aural tapestry of narratives, voices and sounds forms a study of polyphony in collectivity—as viewed on the dancefloor. 

As Told to G/D Thyself

The Ummah Chroma UK, USA 22 Min PG Asian Premiere

A marked refusal to capitulate to dominant regimes of seeing defines this debut with Afrofuturist leanings.

Following a musical, non-narrative logic, As Told to G/D Thyself suggests a cosmic order that we just might peer into if we tap into our unknown psyches. 

The Tomb

Eltayeb MAHDI Egypt 17 Min PG Singapore Premiere

Faith and reality collide in a desert community looking for miracles.

A man appears in a desert community, and claims to have seen visions of a ‘tomb’ in the village. Touting his healing powers, the man instantly captures the attention of villagers eager for miracles. 

Timing & Venue


5 December 2021,
Sunday, 1.00pm
Oldham Theatre



All guests must present proof of vaccination (either via TraceTogether or HealthHub app) before entering the halls.

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