Night of the Kings

La Nuit Des Rois

Rating: PG13


The writer Joan Didion once said we tell ourselves stories in order to live, and this frenetic feature takes that aphorism up to eleven. A pickpocket enters a notorious prison expecting the worst, only to be given new garb and a new name: Roman. The prisoners are ruled less by guards than rites, and on a red-mooned night, Roman is to tell them tales—what awaits him after is unknown.

With Roman’s desperate tale of Zama King, an outlaw who witnesses various periods in Ivorian history, Night of the Kings not only pays homage to West African griot storytelling. From pantomime and mythology, down to the expressions Roman wears, it testifies to the ability of fictions to write themselves, no matter how forsaken its authors may seem.

Toronto International Film Festival 2020

Venice Film Festival 2020



Philippe Lacôte


Côte d’Ivoire, France, Canada, Senegal


93 Mins


PG13 (Some Violence 些许暴力画面)




French, Dioula, Nouchi



04 Dec 2020, Friday, 6:30pm

Oldham Theatre

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04 Dec 2020, Friday, 6:30pm

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Film Credits


Beginning as a radio reporter, Philippe Lacôte from Ivory Coast has gone on to produce documentaries and narrative-driven works. His first feature, Run (2014), was presented at Cannes’ Un Certain Regard. Night of the Kings, his second feature, was shown at Venice, Toronto and New York film festivals.

Cast & Crew


Delphine Jaquet
Yanick Létourneau
Ernest Konan
Yoro Mbaye


Koné Bakary
Steve Tientcheu
Rasmané Ouédraogo