Southeast Asian Short Film Competition – Programme 2

Multiple Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan 68 Min NC16

While varied in the stories they tell, these films demonstrate a range of interdisciplinary expressions, including dance, performance, traditional craft, digital animation, and sound design.

The New Faces (of Dreams and Mysteries)

Mark Raymund GARCIA Philippines 11 Min PG International Premiere

Masking up against an invisible adversary…

A pandemic confronts us with a new masked reality. As masked personas take over, we question what has come before and what is to come.

Wa’anak Witu Watu

Natasha TONTEY Indonesia 24 Min NC16 (Some Nudity) World Premiere

A maximalist mixed-media reimagining of Minahasan cultural origins.

Based on a popular myth in Minahasa, Indonesia, Wa’anak Witu Watu explores the conception of the goddess Karema who was birthed from a stone as well as the rituals surrounding stone worship today.


Dexter Paul DE JESUS Philippines 10 Min PG13 (Some Mature Content) International Premiere

A mother-son reunion leads them to confront forgotten relationships.

After working overseas for seven years, a mother returns home to her son. The abrupt reunion forces the pair to face up to their estranged relationship.

Ghost of Phukang

Thanakrit DUANGMANEEPORN Thailand 5 Min PG World Premiere

A ghostly affliction places humans in perpetual slumber.

A strange, ghostly affliction has put inhabitants of a town in perpetual slumber. Symptoms include idleness and a peculiar love for music game shows. Without a cure in sight, the town lingers on.

Nothing in the cries of cicadas

CHIANG Wei Liang Singapore, Taiwan 18 Min PG Southeast Asian Premiere

A son contemplates an exhumation in land-scarce Singapore.

Faced with a looming exhumation of a loved one, a father and son contemplate their mortality. But in land-scarce Singapore, even the dead must make way for the living.

Timing & Venue


27 November 2021,
Saturday, 3.30pm
Filmgarde Bugis+ 7



All guests must present proof of vaccination (either via TraceTogether or HealthHub app) before entering the halls.

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