Focus – Docu-Memories – a glimpse into Taiwanese Documentary Cinema “This year’s Focus presents recent developments in Taiwanese documentary cinema. Comprising a tradition dating back to the pioneering works of the 1960s, these films are so much more than mere historical documents—they feature an astonishing energy and an intimacy with the social issues of their time. Together, the selection offers a piercing insight into a burgeoning nation.

In partnership with Taiwan Docs project under Taiwan Film Institute.

Double Bill: Swimming on the Highway + Goodnight & Goodbye

The toxic love-hate relationship between a documentarian and his unreliable subject is the focus of this seminal documentary.

Wu Yao-tung explores the impetus behind his filmmaking in this follow-up to his landmark 1998 documentary, Swimming on the Highway.

Dir. Wu Yao-tung
Taiwan (1998, 2018)

Focus: Docu-Memories Shorts

A kaleidoscope of documentary shorts that provide a personal insight into the history and identity of a nation.

Dir. Lau Kek Huat, Huang Pang-Chuan, Hung Su-Chen, Chen Yi-Zhu, Richard Yao Chi Chen, Lin Hsin-I
Taiwan, Malaysia (1967, 1984, 1987, 2016, 2017, 2018)

Realm of Reverberations

A documentary that probes deep into the complex politics and histories of a Taiwanese leper colony and its proposed demolition.

Dir. Chen Chieh-jen
Taiwan (2015)

Stranger in the Mountains

This third act of Lee Li-shao’s documentary trilogy centres on Kuomintang troops left in northern Thailand after the Chinese Civil War.

Dir. Lee Li-shao
Taiwan (2017)

Turning 18

Two indigenous Taiwanese girls—one a sex abuse survivor, the other a teenage mother—are the focus of this documentary.

Dir. Ho Chao-ti
Taiwan (2018)