Singapore Panorama: A Cosmopolitan Perspective

27 November 2021, Saturday, 1.30pm 90 Min The Projector, Redrum

In a metropolitan city like Singapore, locating and establishing an identity in our national cinema can be a confounding pursuit. Our heterogeneity has always been reflected in the film talents we have and the cinema we produce across different phases of Singapore film history.

That being said, local films have been gaining more prominence with critical achievements at international film festivals in recent years. Are these successes the result of a collective consciousness with new, definitive local traits, or have local filmmakers become more adept at adopting international cinematic trends?

Taking this cosmopolitan approach to the discussion, the session invites a panel of industry professionals with an international viewpoint to share their impressions, contributions and prospects of the local film scene. As the local film industry continues to mature, what should we do to build upon the latest gains? What can we learn from these players who have an eye on the world and a hand in shaping Singapore cinema?

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27 November 2021, Saturday, 1.30pm
The Projector, Redrum



All guests must present proof of vaccination (either via TraceTogether or HealthHub app) before entering the halls.



Fran BORGIA is the founder and producer of Akanga Film Asia. Born in Spain, he has been based in Singapore since 2004 and is credited for producing critically acclaimed films such as Sandcastle (2010), Disappearing Landscape (2013), A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery (2016) and Apprentice (2016). One of his latest films, A Land Imagined (2018), won the Golden Leopard at Locarno Film Festival.


Panuksmi HARDJOWIROGO is the co-founder of M’GO Films. A producer of film, TV and immersive multimedia museum installations, she focuses on co-producing projects that are rooted in the diverse stories from Southeast Asia.

Born in Jakarta, HARDJOWIROGO spent her formative years in New York City before moving to Montreal to pursue film studies. She has been living and working in Singapore since 2004.

HEO Chul

HEO Chul is a filmmaker and media scholar who is currently an associate professor at the School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Chul has directed three feature films that were released in theatres nationwide in South Korea.

His most recent fiction, The Return (2017), clinched the Golden Zenith Award at the 41st Montreal World Film Festival. Prior to joining NTU, Chul taught at Korea University and San Francisco State University.

KUO Ming-Jung

KUO Ming-Jung is a film programmer who has spent much of her career in film festival management, programming and distribution. During her time as the programme director for Taipei Film Festival (2014–18), she edited the special issue publications Portuguese Cinema (2015) and Twenty in an Instant (2018).

Kuo served as the artistic director for SGIFF (2019–21). She has also been on juries and selection panels for film festivals including Locarno’s Open Doors, Hong Kong, Busan and Rotterdam.

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