Changing perspectives through film

Films offer a shared experience of entertainment and escapism, but given the chance, it is an art form that can speak directly to our individual lives. Through stories that span across themes of light and darkness, films urge us to ask important questions and enlarges our capacity for empathy.

In the #LifeReframed campaign, this rich offering of life lessons are demonstrated by intimate video interviews with 12 respected luminaries. Through the act of participating as audience and creators, we see the lasting legacy of films in their lives and how it shapes their world views.



#LifeReframed: Pann Lim - On Awareness
on awareness

Pann Lim

Creative Director, Kinectic Singapore / Holycrap.sg

#LifeReframed: Philip Jeyaretnam - On Challenges
on challenges

Philip Jeyaretnam

Senior Counsel and Managing Partner, Rodyk & Davidson LLP

#LifeReframed: Benny Se Teo - On Chance
on chance

Benny Se Teo

Founder of Eighteen Chefs

#LifeReframed: William Wan - On Compassion
on compassion

Dr. William Wan, PhD

Secretary General, Singapore Kindness Movement and Chairman, Prison Fellowship Singapore

#LifeReframed: William Tan - On Determination
on determination

Dr. William Tan

Neuroscientist, Medical Doctor and Paralympian

#LifeReframed: Shiao-Yin Kuik - On Fear
on fear

Shiao-Yin Kuik

Co-founder / Director, The Thought Collective

#LifeReframed: Josephus Tan - On Generosity
on generosity

Josephus Tan

Criminal Lawyer / Pro Bono Ambassador

#LifeReframed: Royston Tan - On Imagination
on imagination

Royston Tan

Filmmaker, Chuan Pictures

#LifeReframed: Xiang Yun - On Introspection
on introspection

Xiang Yun

Actress, Mediacorp

#LifeReframed: Pann Lim - On Awareness
on inquiry

Leslie Low

Musician, The Observatory

#LifeReframed: Daniel Ee - On Principle
on principles

Daniel Ee

Board Member of Companies, International Co-Leader at Worldwide Marriage Encounter

#LifeReframed: Eunice Olsen - On Responsibility
on responsibility

Eunice Olsen

Producer & Actress, 3.50, and Founder of WomenTalkTV.asia