Benny Se Teo

Founder of Eighteen Chefs

Pann Lim (Creative Director of Kinetic Singapore & Holycrap.sg) shares about how film nurtures his sensitivity towards others and how it extends to the way he raises his children.

Benny Se Teo is the founder of Eighteen Chefs, a five-chain restaurant staffed by youths-at-risk and ex-convicts. Having spent over ten years in and out of prison for drug addiction, Benny believes that it is never too late to begin life afresh. He is the first Singaporean to be trained at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, Fifteen. Through imparting culinary skills, he hopes to inspire youths-at-risk to find alternate and positive ways of integrating into society. Eighteen Chefs was awarded the President’s Challenge Social Enterprise of the Year in 2012.

“Ex-convicts, ex-drug addicts – they are human too. If you don’t give them a chance, it’s very difficult for them to come out and change their habits.”

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