Daniel Ee

Board Member of Companies, International Co-Leader at Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Royston Tan (Filmmaker, Chuan Pictures) shares about the magic of cinema and how film offers him the freedom to communicate with honesty and vulnerability.

Daniel Ee is the Chairman of City Spring Infrastructure Management Pte Ltd. With over fourteen years of experience in investment banking, Daniel sits on the board of directors of Citibank Singapore Ltd, Singapore Changi Airport Enterprise and National Environment Agency. He was conferred Pingat Bakti Masyarakat National Award in 2003 for his outstanding work in public service. Daniel believes in living life to the fullest and building strong relationships. For over two decades, he and his wife have volunteered with Worldwide Marriage Encounter, a Catholic movement that promotes strong marriages through marriage enrichment programmes. They are currently the international leadership couple for the movement.

“I think it’s important for every movie – if they really want to make it very impactful – to move from the level of the head and get to the level of the heart, and if possible, to go into the level of the soul.”

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