Eunice Olsen

Producer & Actress of 3.50, Founder of WomenTalkTVAsia

Eunice Olsen (Producer & Actress of 3.50, Founder of WomenTalkTVAsia) shares about the power of cinema and her sense of responsibility to use the medium to highlight important social issues.

Eunice Olsen is an actress, social activist, and film producer. She first came into prominence after winning Miss Singapore Universe Pageant in 2000. At 27, Eunice became the youngest Nominated Member of Parliament in Singapore. For her dedication to volunteerism and youth work, she was conferred the Singapore Youth Award in 2006 and later, the ASEAN Youth Award in 2008. Over the years, Eunice has advocated for causes relating to environment, people with disabilities, AIDS and human trafficking. She also founded WomenTalkTV, an online platform to celebrate the social empowerment of women. Her interview series, which featured extraordinary women all over Asia, was nominated an International Emmy Award in the Digital Program: Non-Fiction category in 2014.

“Not many of us can say, ‘Yes, I know about this issue, I want to speak about this issue. But look, I also have this medium that I can use to tell the story.’ And when you realise that all the elements are there, you realise that you are in a position where you have to do it. You have to bring the message out there.”

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