Josephus Tan

Criminal Lawyer / Pro Bono Ambassador

Josephus Tan (Criminal Lawyer & Pro Bono Ambassador) shares about how one film turned his life around, inspired his belief that skills and knowledge should be shared, and fuelled his mission in conducting pro bono criminal defence work.

Josephus Tan is a criminal defence lawyer. A firm believer in pro bono publico, he volunteers actively with the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS), and has also been appointed as a Lead Counsel under the Supreme Court’s Legal Assistance Scheme for Capital Offences. Josephus was a past recipient of the CLAS Scheme Gold Award, and the Junior Chamber International’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World (Singapore) Merit Award. As an ex-teen rebel and alcoholic, Josephus sees his work as a mission – to ensure that everyone is given a chance to right the wrongs in their lives. He was also recently conferred the prestigious Pro Bono Ambassador of the Year Award by the Law Society of Singapore.

“People see professionals as elites of society: we have very exclusive knowledge, whether is it of medicine, or of law. Nevertheless, that exclusive knowledge must be shared.”

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