Leslie Low

Musician, The Observatory

Royston Tan (Filmmaker, Chuan Pictures) shares about the magic of cinema and how film offers him the freedom to communicate with honesty and vulnerability.

Leslie Low is a singer, songwriter, and one-fifth of the avant-rock collective The Observatory. With over two decades in the industry, Leslie has garnered a loyal following since his days with the folk-rock band Humpback Oak in the ‘90s. His works stem from the very basic need to express and frame his sentiments within an aural context. Since its formation in 2001, The Observatory has since released six albums – Time of Rebirth, Blank Walls and A Far Cry From Here, Dark Folke, Catacombs and Oscilla. He is also currently involved in various side projects like Piblokto, Hanging Up The Moon and Pan Gu. These collaborations have culminated into a prolific output of CD/Vinyl releases in recent years. His latest solo offering of acoustic folk songs, No Such Thing As Ghosts was released in September this year.

“Once you’re aware of these things, you start to question everything that’s being put in front of you.”

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