Philip Jeyaretnam

Senior Counsel and Managing Partner, Rodyk & Davidson LLP

Philip Jeyaretnam (Senior Counsel and Managing Partner of Rodyk & Davidson LLP) shares about how film sheds light on the qualities of heroism and the realities of fighting a lonely battle.

Philip Jeyaretnam is a Senior Counsel and former President of the Law Society of Singapore. A graduate of Cambridge University, Philip believes that the arts is as important as any other elements in the growth of society. As a writer, he has won prestigious local and international awards including Airey Neave Award, Southeast Asia Write Award, and the National Book Development Council Highly Commended Book Award. Philip is also the recipient of the National Arts Council’s Young Artist Award in 1993. Philip writes about Singaporeans for Singapore readers. He aims to seek and express truth regardless of personal and social circumstances, and inspire readers to reflect upon themselves and the importance of engaging in Singapore. Philip was recently awarded the Public Service Medal in 2013.

“When a challenge is there, when an obstacle is there, people may desert you. That is a struggle we always have when we are reaching out for help – it is not always given. But you keep going.”

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