Shiao-yin Kuik

Co-founder / Director, The Thought Collective
& Nominated Member of Parliament

Shiao-yin Kuik (Co-founder & Director of The Thought Collective, Nominated Member of Parliament) shares about how film unravels multiple pathways in which one can live and how she learns to confront fear through the choices she makes.

Shiao-yin Kuik is a co-founder and creative director of the Thought Collective, a group of social businesses whose mission is to help transform and strengthen the social and emotional capital in Singapore. From the School of Thought, a learning centre that drives innovation in civic learning to nurture thought leadership among youths, to Food For Thought, a restaurant group that builds community through rejuvenating public spaces and running community programmes, the Collective sees each of their businesses as a strategic medium to achieve their mission. Shiao-yin believes in the importance of helping people realise their potential to impact their cities for the common good through their work as entrepreneurs running their own businesses or intrepreneurs innovating within existing organisations. Shiao-yin has also been appointed as a Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) in 2014. As the youngest of the newly appointed NMPs, she hopes to be the voice of younger Singaporeans.

“In making that small choice, that first step, it built the muscle & the appetite for making choices despite fear. Because there was something greater than the fear – there was a bigger picture to believe in.”

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