Dr. William Tan

Neuroscientist, Medical Doctor and Paralympian

Dr. William Tan (Neuroscientist, Medical Doctor & Paralympian) shares how one film closely mirrors his own struggles and why he is even more determined to push his limits in order to live a full life.

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Dr. William Tan contracted polio when he was two and became paralysed from the waist down. Notwithstanding his disability, he went on to become a neuroscientist and a medical doctor, winning scholarships to Harvard and Oxford. Dr. Tan is also an accomplished sportsman. An Asian-Pacific Games triple gold medalist, he has competed in the 1988 Seoul Paralympics, the World Games, and the Commonwealth Games. He believes that sports goes beyond trophies and titles, and should be a means to further goodness to help people. In the past twenty years, he has participated in marathons and raised millions of dollars for charitable organisations both locally and internationally. After his leukemia diagnosis, Dr. Tan focused his energy on table tennis. He is now a member of the Table Tennis Association for the Disabled Singapore, and recently represented Singapore at the ASEAN Para Games 2011 and 2014.

“For me, film is like an intraveneous dose of transformation. The impact is very quick. I walk out of the theatre feeling uplifted, and say, wow, that was really something! I want to be like that person in the movie.”

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