Dr. William Wan, PhD

Secretary General, Singapore Kindness Movement and
Chairman, Prison Fellowship Singapore

Dr. William Wan (Secretary General of Singapore Kindness Movement, Chairman of Prison Fellowship Singapore) shares how one film maps out the necessity of mercy and grace — virtues that offer second chances for those in need.

Dr. William Wan is the General Secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM), and Chairman of Prison Fellowship Singapore. Prior to taking up the appointment at SKM, he was practicing law and managing a psychometric company. Winner of the Active Ager Award 2011, Dr. William Wan has always been active in community-based work and believes that kindness breeds kindness. He aims to promote Singapore as a gracious society, champion the causes of ex-offenders and raise issues related to the elderly. Dr. William Wan is also a published author of four books, and contributes articles to several publications.

“In life, people make mistakes, but you’ve got to be merciful. Sometimes, all they need is a second chance.”

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