Xiang Yun

Actress, Mediacorp

Xiang Yun (Actress, Mediacorp) shares how acting has allowed her to dive deeper into issues experienced by her characters, ultimately bringing clarity to real life.

Xiang Yun is a veteran actress with over thirty years of experience. Endearingly referred as Mediacorp’s “Ah Jie”, she was amongst the first batch of graduates from Singapore Broadcasting Corporation’s drama training class. As a television actress, Xiang Yun has starred in leading and supporting roles in popular drama series, like Awakening and The Price of Peace. Her work has garnered her a loyal following and local recognition. She was awarded the Best Supporting Actress at Mediacorp’s annual Star Awards in 1998, 2000 and 2001. Xiang Yun has also ventured into theatre, starring in Chinese productions like December Rain, Butterflies are Free and Peranakan Ball. Her silver screen debut, I Not Stupid, remains one of the highest grossing Singaporean films.

“In that moment, the indescribable inner conflict that every mother goes through struck me – the film was speaking about my life.”

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