Midnight Mayhem

The newest section of the Festival, Midnight Mayhem brings peaks of manic madness and genre- bending thrills, running the gamut from action to horror (and sometimes spilling into the unclassifiable). Discover cult films of the festival circuit that might just become instant classics, with a little bit of otherworldly magic thrown in to guarantee a night of revelry in the twilight zone.

Alpha, The Right To Kill

In this gritty social-realist thriller, a corrupt police officer and his drug-pusher mole struggle to survive amidst the Philippines’ war on drugs.

Dir. Brillante Mendoza
Philippines (2018)

In Fabric

A cursed red gown rains demonic misfortune upon its hapless owners in Peter Strickland’s bizarro new horror-satire on consumerism.

Dir. Peter Strickland
UK (2018)


A supernatural creature slowly closes in on its taxi driver prey by embedding itself into unsuspecting individuals around her.

Dir. Tilman Singer
Germany (2018)

One Cut of The Dead

A mediocre film director, his eccentric family and an oddball cast are the perfect ingredients for an adrenaline-raging, axe-wielding zombie movie.

Dir. Shinichiro Ueda
Japan (2017)