Feature Film

Barbarian Invasion

After a decade-long hiatus, TAN Chui Mui returns to feature filmmaking with a refreshing genre-defying action flick that serves an allegory for motherhood and the reclamation of one’s self.

TAN Chui Mui Hong Kong 106 Min NC16 (Some Coarse Language and Violence) Singapore Premiere

Feature Film

Center Stage

Stanley KWAN’s stunning biopic of Chinese silent-film icon Ruan Lingyu is given a sumptuous restoration in celebration of its 30th anniversary.

Stanley KWAN Hong Kong 155 Min NC16 (Some Nudity) Southeast Asian Premiere

Feature Film


Against the backdrop of 1960s conservative France, a woman fights courageously for the right to her body.

Audrey DIWAN France 99 Min R21 (Sexual Scenes and Nudity) Asian Premiere

Feature Film


The first science fiction film from Cambodia transposes a technological future to consider the augmented possibilities of spirituality.

Jake WACHTEL Cambodia, USA 101 Min PG (Some Coarse Language) Asian Premiere

Feature Film


Thai master Apichatpong returns—this time in Colombia with Tilda SWINTON in tow, who plays a sleepless visitor troubled by an alien sound.

Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL Colombia, Thailand, UK, Mexico, France, Germany, Qatar 136 Min PG Southeast Asian Premiere

Feature Film

Those Left Waiting

The refugee experience materialises with unprecedented immediacy in this first-ever global live documentary co-directed and filmed by refugee filmmakers.

Michael BEETS Australia 70 Min NC16 Southeast Asian Premiere

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