The Southeast Asian Producers Network brings together producers from the region to share their wealth of knowledge and information with one another in an open exchange of ideas. Created as a platform for long-term lasting friendships and opportunities for collaboration, the two-day programme includes select dialogue sessions open to the public, talks between regional financiers and producers, case studies examining successful production models and strategies, discussions of pertinent issues relating to producing in Southeast Asia, and ample networking opportunities.


Sangchul Lee | Singapore/South Korea


Sangchul Lee is COO of C47 Investment, a content investment company based in Singapore and South Korea. Besides investments, C47 Investment is focused on acquiring and developing intellectual properties. It is preparing to launch a content investment fund, of which a portion will be dedicated to content outside Korea.

Chayamporn Taeratanachai | Thailand


Chayamporn Taeratanachai is executive producer at Cinema22, which has served as a catalyst for supporting promising Thai filmmakers targeting both domestic and international audiences. Key investments include works by renowned filmmakers such as Samui Song by Pen-ek Ratanaruang and Dao Khanong by Anocha Suwichakornpong.

Nathan Gunawan and Natalie Balakrishnan | Singapore/Indonesia


Nathan Gunawan is CEO and Natalie Balakrishnan is co-founder of Phoenix Films, a motion picture financing and production company with offices in Singapore and Indonesia. Phoenix invests in, develops and produces content in a slate of quality-driven commercial and prestige films in Southeast Asia with potential regional and/or international appeal.


Shanty Harmayn | Indonesia


Shanty Harmayn is an Indonesian film producer based in Beijing and Jakarta. Producing credits include award-winning Indonesian films such as Sang Penari by Ifa Isfansyah. Harmayn recently co-founded Base Entertainment, which will be co-producing a slate of films by Joko Anwar with Ivanhoe Pictures, CJ Entertainment and Rapi Films.

Huang Junxiang | Singapore


Huang Junxiang produces short films, television interstitials and feature films, including Eric Khoo’s latest feature film, Ramen Teh, Boo Junfeng’s Apprentice and the HBO Asia horror anthology Folklore. Huang has also served as the Multimedia Producer of the Southeast Asian Games and Singapore’s National Day Parade.

Low Ser En | Singapore


Low Ser En is a BAFTA-winning Singaporean producer, whose works have screened and won awards at more than 70 film festivals. She completed an M.A. in Producing at the U.K.’s National Film and Television School. As associate producer at mm2 Entertainment, she works on the development and production of feature films and TV.

Amir Muhammad | Malaysia


Amir Muhammad is a Malaysian producer who has spent the past decade publishing pulp fiction by local writers. He is a partner at Da Huang Pictures, which has produced many festival favourites. His recently formed company Kuman Pictures focuses on small-scale horror movies in Malay, Chinese and Tamil.

John Torres | Philippines


John Torres is an independent filmmaker, musician and writer. His work fictionalises and reworks personal and found documentations of love, family relations and memory in relation to current events, hearsays, myth and folklore. He has made more than a dozen short films and five features.

Soros Sukhum | Thailand


Soros Sukhum is an independent producer working in Thailand. He supports the new generation of Thai filmmakers, including Aditya Assarat and Anocha Suwichakornpong. His international co-productions include Diamond Island and POP AYE. In 2018 he produced 10 Years Thailand, which premiered at Cannes Film Festival.