for films under the category of asian features competition

The Wasteland

In this bleak study of human agency, a brick factory and its community fall apart in quiet desolation.

No Love For The Young

Poetry, movement and theatre are fused in this lyrical experiment to express the ineffable feeling of being young in today’s Malaysia.


Facing obsolescence, a stoic truck driver tries to retain control of his life in this gritty take on what it means to become one’s work.

The Cloud in Her Room

A young woman returns to her hometown where she connects with the old, the new, the city and herself.


This stellar, award-winning debut examines the extreme isolation of a woman’s suffering that is quiet, though no less acute.

A Balance

A psychological drama of moralities that dives deep into the complexities of individuals, as truths are altered as much as the perception of them shifts.

Tiong Bahru Social Club

Wes Anderson meets Black Mirror in this light-hearted satirical comedy that questions the construct of happiness in Singapore.