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Window Boy Would Also Like to Have a Submarine

In this poetic, magic-realist film, a portal is a chance for connections—but only if we embrace the unknown.

The Truffle Hunters

Old-timers and their canine friends go on perilous journeys for elusive truffles in this insightful and sumptuous documentary.


A tense, compelling drama of sexual abuse in the world of high-performance sports.

A Perfectly Normal Family

A young girl struggles to deal with her transgender father’s transition in this contemplative semi-autobiographical debut.


In this graceful portrait of nomadism, Chloé Zhao challenges the romanticism of American freedom against a forced life on the road.

Night of the Kings

The condemned do not go gently into the good night, fighting with their stories instead, in this kinetic and dizzying thriller.

New Order

In this taut dystopian thriller, a posh wedding is interrupted by unwelcome guests who seek to destabilise the current social order in Mexico.


A period chamber drama that challenges the existence of absolutes—even death.

Identifying Features

In Mexico’s northern frontier region, lyrical and horrific moments follow a mother who knows no bounds in finding her missing son.

Here We Are

An uplifting drama about a father’s love for his son and the difficulties of letting go.