for films under the category of sea shorts competition

A Trip to Heaven

Fifty-year-old Mdm Tam joins a bus tour to the Mekong Delta with a friend. On the trip, she bumps into her high school sweetheart and embarks on a mission of reconciliation.

The Cup

Moving through the rhythms of the day, man, as an organism, needs water, sunlight, rest—and a nice cup of coffee— but not without a few mishaps.


A son looks after his dying father. Trapped together in the family home, old conflicts resurface while death approaches.


Yao-Wei takes his girlfriend home to Malaysia for the first time. In the midst of a monsoon, he tries to find the right time to tell his parents of his engagement.

How To Die Young in Manila

An allegory for distraction, a teenage boy roams Manila looking for an anonymous hookup. The men he eyes end up dead, and he must now find his true desire.

Tellurian Drama

A docufiction that investigates alternative Indonesian histories through a rumination of colonial ruins, the role of technology, and the invisible power of indigenous ancestry.


Ten-year-old Samuel takes it upon himself to save his parents’ marriage by recreating a precious shared memory.

To Calm the Pig Inside

Myths and memories meet in this contemplation of a typhoon’s devastation on a seaside city.

People on Sunday

In this homage to Menschen am Sonntag (1930), the watchful surveillance of the camera captures the paradox of actors trying to relax while working, revealing the artificiality of the moving image.

Sunrise in My Mind

A young beautician working late at night in a salon tentatively gives in to her desires for a young delivery driver who cruises the streets of Phnom Penh on his motorbike.