for films on 4 december

Not My Mother’s Baking

An unexpected romance between a Malay Muslim woman and a Chinese man whose parents run a roast pork stall.

100 Times Reproduction of Democracy

A tongue-in-cheek docufiction that turns authenticity on its head in this interrogation of centralised power.


In this graceful portrait of nomadism, Chloé Zhao challenges the romanticism of American freedom against a forced life on the road.

Night of the Kings

The condemned do not go gently into the good night, fighting with their stories instead, in this kinetic and dizzying thriller.

New Order

In this taut dystopian thriller, a posh wedding is interrupted by unwelcome guests who seek to destabilise the current social order in Mexico.

Identifying Features

In Mexico’s northern frontier region, lyrical and horrific moments follow a mother who knows no bounds in finding her missing son.


This stellar, award-winning debut examines the extreme isolation of a woman’s suffering that is quiet, though no less acute.


In this period romance starring Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan, each little gesture of desire carries immeasurable weight.