for films on 28 November

Genus Pan

A haunting fable about myths and violence, Genus Pan charts humanity’s dark impulses through a gold miner’s tragic homecoming.

Faraway My Shadow Wandered

A young man and a dancer, as well as choreography and reality, cross paths in a documentary that entangles as much as it explores.

Not My Mother’s Baking

An unexpected romance between a Malay Muslim woman and a Chinese man whose parents run a roast pork stall.

Sunrise in My Mind

A young beautician working late at night in a salon tentatively gives in to her desires for a young delivery driver who cruises the streets of Phnom Penh on his motorbike.


An alluring story of an alien in human form who arrives at the construction site of a colossal temple. His human encounters include a beguiling medium who has appeared in his dreams.

Here is Not There

Against the stillness of the graveyard shift, two lovers reflect on the transitory lives they lead in Singapore. They wrestle with the inevitability of their fates, unwilling to give in.


At a dream-like golf course on an idyllic day, Isabel, the new ‘tee girl’, struggles to understand her role on the greens, from social hierarchy to staving off her youthful curiosity.

The Smell of Coffee

In the wake of his grandfather’s passing, Raga accompanies his grieving grandmother. A faint yet familiar smell piques his curiosity, leading him on a journey of self-discovery in the fading apartment.

Red Aninsri; Or, Tiptoeing on the Still Trembling Berlin Wall

In an undercover spy mission, a transgender woman disguises as a masculine man to lure a student activist, only to fall in love.


In this graceful portrait of nomadism, Chloé Zhao challenges the romanticism of American freedom against a forced life on the road.