for films on 5 december

Yellow Cat

A girl and a gun may be all you need to make movies, but it takes a lot more to open a cinema in the Kazakh steppes, it seems.

Wife of A Spy

After stumbling across an alarming national secret, a Japanese businessman and his wife embark on a treacherous journey to bring this discovery to light.

The Woman Who Ran

Continuing in his signature of repetition and difference, Korean auteur Hong Sang-Soo’s latest focuses on women’s interactions, revealing undercurrents of ambivalence.

Veins of the World

A young boy must decide between supporting his family or honoring his father’s traditions in this gentle and uplifting Mongolian drama.

Citizen Hustler

Work and welfare take many forms in this free-wheeling and unapologetically rowdy documentary centred on a used-goods trader.

A Perfectly Normal Family

A young girl struggles to deal with her transgender father’s transition in this contemplative semi-autobiographical debut.

The Cloud in Her Room

A young woman returns to her hometown where she connects with the old, the new, the city and herself.

First Cow

In Kelly Reichardt’s atypical Western, two outcasts strike an unlikely entrepreneurial friendship in 19th-century Oregon.