for films on 29 November

True Mothers

A subtle yet electrifying mystery drama that sensitively deconstructs the ideal of a nuclear family.

The Salt in Our Waters

A sculptor from the city visits a remote coastal village in Bangladesh where he faces challenges to his world views and beliefs.

The Shepherdess and the Seven Songs

A lyrical tale of the circumstances of a young woman from a nomadic tribe doubles as a timely comment on the tense Kashmiri situation today.

Keep Rolling

Brimming with life and humour, Keep Rolling is a warm and richly humane portrait of celebrated Hong Kong filmmaker Ann Hui.


Sementara casts a nonjudgmental eye on the anxieties of disparate individuals who call Singapore home.


Aswang takes an unflinching look at the nightmarish reality in Duterte-era Philippines as monstrous terror is unleashed upon the urban poor.

A Trip to Heaven

Fifty-year-old Mdm Tam joins a bus tour to the Mekong Delta with a friend. On the trip, she bumps into her high school sweetheart and embarks on a mission of reconciliation.

The Cup

Moving through the rhythms of the day, man, as an organism, needs water, sunlight, rest—and a nice cup of coffee— but not without a few mishaps.


A son looks after his dying father. Trapped together in the family home, old conflicts resurface while death approaches.


Yao-Wei takes his girlfriend home to Malaysia for the first time. In the midst of a monsoon, he tries to find the right time to tell his parents of his engagement.