for films on 2 december

True Mothers

A subtle yet electrifying mystery drama that sensitively deconstructs the ideal of a nuclear family.

You and I

Meeting in their youth as political detainees, Kaminah and Kusdalini embark on a lifelong journey together, supporting each other through the challenges of growing old.


Narratives of migrant workers’ experiences in Singapore are stitched together in a documentary that is not afraid to play with form.


Tsai Ming-Liang returns to feature filmmaking with this tender, meditative portrait of two solitary men whose lives intersect briefly.

Window Boy Would Also Like to Have a Submarine

In this poetic, magic-realist film, a portal is a chance for connections—but only if we embrace the unknown.


Facing obsolescence, a stoic truck driver tries to retain control of his life in this gritty take on what it means to become one’s work.