In Conversation With: Ann Hui and Man Lim Chung

Moderated by: Tan Pin Pin (with Cantonese translation)


Keep Rolling profiles acclaimed Hong Kong director Ann Hui, charting her filmmaking career of over four decades. A key figure in the groundbreaking Hong Kong New Wave of the ’70s and ’80s, her diverse oeuvre ranges from martial arts films and thrillers to period melodramas and literary adaptations. Above all, she is best known for her nuanced and socially aware realist dramas that capture the most intimate anxieties of Hong Kong life.

What shines through her remarkable body of films—and is reflected in Man Lim Chung’s documentary Keep Rolling—is Hui’s fierce independence towards her work and her profound humanism towards the subjects of her stories, which carries over from her attitude to life.

Hui will be in conversation with Man to reflect on her extraordinary career and cinematic achievements, and share her inspirational approach to life.


Date | Time:

30 Nov, Mon | 9pm





Moderated by:

Tan Pin Pin (with Cantonese translation)


Ann Hui
Closely associated with the Hong Kong New Wave, critically acclaimed director Ann Hui has been a key figure of Hong Kong cinema since the 1970s.

Man Lim Chung
A frequent collaborator of Ann Hui, Man Lim Chung is a veteran Hong Kong art director and production designer.

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