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Youth Meets Film Archive: Issue 3, 2017

  • Animals: In a State of Transition

    Animals have always served as cultural and religious symbols in the Southeast Asian region, which is steeped in intriguing myth, folklore and tradition. From Asian elephants being revered as deities in Thailand to the sacredness of cows in Hinduism, animals in Southeast Asian culture have often occupied an elevated status in the company of gods. Read Article

  • Viewing Indonesia Differently

    The short film Joko offers an alternative view. In a country that does not condone homosexual acts and whose political stability has been questioned, the film openly contends with such taboo topics of homosexuality and the abuse of power relations to satisfy corrupt desires. Read Article

  • The Games We Play

    In one of the early scenes of Ho Thanh Thao’s Muộn or Ephemera, Quang runs back to his table of friends after spectating a bloody street fight. He compares it to an action movie, and excitedly narrates the scene in terms of dragon sabers and scimitars Read Article

  • The Sound of Silence

    Two films in the Southeast Asian Short Film Competition Programmes, The Sound of Coins Hitting Brass (2017) and Jodilerks Dela Cruz, Employee of the Month (2017) challenge our preconceived notions of sound by isolating dialogue as almost superfluous and secondary, allowing diegetic sounds to fill the space and shape the nature of the film’s central characters. Read Article