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Youth Meets Film Archive: Issue 4, 2017

  • By Nature, or By Choice?

    Despite Eu’s demystifying portrayals of the sisterhood between two teenage girls in a rural Malaysian town, the filmmaker does seem to impose a certain prejudice onto the audience just by the title alone – simply put, females (rightfully so) cannot be perceived like animals, and there has to be a vision of resistance against such misogynistic sentiments. Read Article

  • In Conversation: Women in Film

    In Southeast Asian and Asian society as a whole, we are largely anchored by traditional values and beliefs, rarely deviating from values passed on from generations before. As a result, there are certain roles that exist determining how different genders should behave. However, the two short films, “The Malediction” and “Ephemera” by Makbul Mubarak and Ho Thanh Thao respectively, adopt an off-kilter method of addressing and challenging these views of gender constructed by religion or society by portraying women as both superior and inferior to men. Read Article

  • Unravelling Uncertainty

    Oftentimes, when we have grown accustomed to watching arthouse films, the viewing in itself can become more of an exercise rather than a pleasure. Convinced of the hidden symbolisms, we try to wring interpretations and attach meaning to the smallest quirk, or the motifs that seem too obvious to be just that. Read Article

  • How to be the Employee of the Month

    While pondering the importance of Ross, Jodilerk’s only colleague, in the film. I started questioning the seemingly binary nature of “good” and “evil”. Instead of arguing against myself, I summoned the help of my friends, Meng and Boon, to help me think this through. Read Article